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Senior Immunoassay Scientist, Aligned Bio / 1724 / CLOSED

The Company
Aligned Bio is a multilingual and multinational nanotechnology company with an unique technology that will have a material impact on the €100 billion+ biomedical and biosensors field. Aligned Bio’s patented core technology is the use of light-guiding nanowires that function as molecular-scale optical fibers and transduce signals indicating genetic code variations or the presence of diagnostic biomarkers.

Sequencing DNA, detecting nucleic acids for acute infectious diseases and detecting molecular biomarkers for inflammatory and genetic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and cancer are the foundations of advanced care. Aligned Bio’s patented technology enables the next generation of advanced care by providing these services faster, better and more cost effectively. The Company is headquartered in Lund, Sweden. Present position locations are for the Lund, Malmö, and Copenhagen area. See more at

The company is now in an expansion phase and is looking for people to join this exciting journey.

Biomarker Diagnostics Business
The Biomarker Diagnostics Business group provides customers with advanced, fast, low-cost immunoassay-based diagnostic solutions utilizing Aligned’s core nanowire technology. At present, these solutions comprise nanowire add-on reagents that increase the sensitivity of current immunoassay platforms by orders of magnitude. In the future this core technology will be able to move up the value chain and form the foundation of complete in-vitro diagnostic systems.

Senior Immunoassay Scientist
Meticulous Scientist with Extensive Experience


  • Lead the company’s R&D efforts integrating nanowires into heterogenous assays in partner- and customer-specified applications
  • Actively working with new customers to explore the utility of nanowire add-ons to existing assay applications
  • Active engagement in data analysis for subsequent presentation at scientific meetings and publication in relevant scientific journals
  • Active engagement with Aligned Bio’s Technical Advisory Board members

The Challenge
The job of the Senior Immunoassay Scientist will be to drive the further development and optimization of Aligned Bio’s nanowire-based products at the scientific and technical level. The Scientist will also assist in developing the strategy for the implementation of those products in the market. In addition, the Immunoassay Scientist will work with customers to integrate and optimize Aligned Bio nanowire platforms with the customers’ existing applications.

The Immunoassay Scientist job will be primarily laboratory-based, with the majority of the person’s time spent developing nanowire products for use in heterogeneous assay systems. The person will manage Aligned Bio’s assay laboratory, ensuring that the appropriate equipment and support infrastructure is in place to conduct their internal and external work. The person will have primary responsibility for ensuring documentation of all developed protocols. Furthermore, the scientist will work closely with the nanowire manufacturing group in order to better understand how manufacturing variations affect performance in assay applications. The person will report to the Director of Product Technology and will have the opportunity to work as needed cross-functionally in the Company’s DNA-sequencing business where nanowires are also employed.

You will work together with the Director of Product Technology to set ambitious goals and solutions and execute to those targets. You will also work in close collaboration with all the other international colleagues across the organization and will be expected to use your scientific knowledge and experience to influence project decisions across your business group as well as within other business groups.

Your Talent
Aligned Bio provides a customizable nanowire platform for partner assay development programs in the in vitro diagnostics industry detecting cancer and other major diseases. The company sees an attractive expanding opportunity for nanowire technology in point of care diagnostics as well as in complete laboratory systems for clinical diagnostics. These systems and instruments may be for traditional protein detection as well as for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS).

You must therefore have a broad knowledge of the biomarker and immunoassay development value chain and an understanding of diagnostics in general. The candidate with an advanced degree in biochemistry, molecular biology, protein chemistry, or biophysics and 3+ years of industrial experience providing the desired skillset listed below will be given preference.

Your skillset includes:

  • Extensive experience in in-vitro diagnostics (IVD) and an expert-level understanding of biomolecule binding-assays (including immunoassay) and their development and validation
  • Demonstrated scientific approach to applying novel assay technologies to address market needs in the life science, bioanalytical and/or clinical diagnostics spaces
  • Excellent communication skills, including the ability to communicate difficult technical concepts and information to non-expert audiences is required
  • Ability to travel, participate and present at both scientific, technical and partner and customer non-technical meetings required

You have strong analytical and problem-solving skills and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment, manage priorities, and maintain timelines for multiple activities.

You are motivated by achieving great results individually and together with an international team of professionals, and you are passionate about solving challenges in a dedicated company.

Fluency in English with good verbal and written language skills is a given.

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