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Joining our Talent Bank

Our Talent Bank is among the largest and most specialized in the Danish market of Engineering, Pharma and Life Science.

The Talent Bank consists of more than 18,000 attractive and qualified candidates.
We always start a Search in our own Talent Bank when we are looking for a qualified candidate. So as a part of our Talent Bank you will always be a part of our Search.

Please send your CV to  to get listed in our Talent Bank.

statement of consent regarding storage of CV for 18 months and possible distribution of application with appendices (including for instance CV, certificates et cetera)

  • We will store your CV for 18 months in our database of candidates for the purpose of recruitment in connection with other job positions than the position for which you applied. The purpose is to contact /recruit you for a matching position.
  • We will distribute your submitted application with appendices (including CV, certificates et cetera) to our client in case we agree to present you for a concrete position with our client after an initial meeting.

You are entitled to withdraw your consent at any time. Withdrawal can happen via email to

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